Bairrada Demarcated Region

The Bairrada Demarcated Region was the first in Portugal to produce sparkling wines with bottle fermentation, benefiting from the cool and humid climate, with grapes of high acidity and low graduation.

The Baga grape variety is undoubtedly the queen and produces high quality red and sparkling wines. Castelão, Tinta-Roriz and Touriga-Nacional are other national grape varieties of reference, although foreign grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah are increasingly used.

Regarding white grapes, Bical, Arinto, Maria Gomes (Fernão Pires) and, to a lesser extent, Cerceal/Cercealinho and also Chardonnay, are especially used for sparkling wines.

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Mapa da Região demarcada da Bairrada - Vinhos
Bairrada - Map of Portugal

Located in the coastal strip of the central north of Portugal, the Bairrada Demarcated region is limited to the north by the Vouga river, to the south by the Mondego river, to the east, by the Caramulo and Bussaco mountain range and, to the west, it is bathed by the Atlantic ocean .

The region is predominantly flat, being influenced by the currents of the Atlantic Ocean, in abundant rain, mild average temperatures and wind from the north.

Wines characteristics - Bairrada Region

The wines produced in Bairrada can be:

  • Sparkling: has gained prominence, characterized by its freshness, high acidity, fruity and floral notes when young, acquiring toasted and complex aromas when aged. They usually present a well-marked creaminess and minerality. Sparkling wines are produced by the classic methods and depending on the amount of residual sugar, they are classified as: Brut; Dry or Semi-dry, but mostly Brut;
  • Rosés: they have fruity, fresh aromas, moderate acidity and when they are made with the Baga variety, they have a typical character;
  • White: when young they are fruity and light, in turn, when aged they have resinous notes and are more full-bodied and with a more complex structure;
  • Reds: better structured, rich in tannins, full-bodied with intense and complex aromas.