Positive Wine

In the Bairrada wine region, known for the excellence of its sparkling wines, the Positive Wine company manages two wineries, Adega Quatro Cravos and Adega Original, which produce DOC Bairrada and IGP Beira Atlântico wines. The still and sparkling wines produced here will surprise you, and their quality results from the combination of heritage rich in traditional methods with the latest technology. In 1911, the first wine production was registered at the Adega Quatro Cravos. For more than 100 years passing from generation to generation, the family maintained the tradition in the production of wines.

The family’s knowledge and heritage, and the experience of the vineyard and wine have persisted until the present. The construction of the Adega Original and the acquisition of land for planting new vineyards, have solved the limited capacity of the century-old Adega Quatro Cravos and allow it to gain dimension and consistency in the production of high quality, still and sparkling wines. Adega Original refers to the idea of something new, pure and authentic and represents the restart of a new modern and genuinely Bahian business cycle. The identity of the winery focuses on the concept of the word origin, which means the beginning, the root of the grape varieties that exist, the starting point.