Quinta de Curvos

With more than four centuries of history, many are the legends and stories that were originated in the streets, many of them told by the different surrounding spaces, from the old palace to the caves, passing by the lake, gardens and vineyards. The production of green wine is the main activity of Quinta de Curvos, and investments have been made over time to take advantage of the full potential of the various grape varieties produced there and thus ensure the quality of its wines.

Quinta de Curvos gained a new soul, and even today it is a 100% family company that already has the dedication of the second generation to continue the project. In view of the competitive environment in the wine market, Quinta de Curvos, as a family company, invests in a code of values of excellence, tradition and innovation, never forgetting respect for the environment and genuine passion for wine. It owns several brands, among them: Prva Cega, Afectus and wines and sparkling Curvos, both from the region of Vinhos Verdes, as well as from the Douro region.